What clients and colleagues say about Jennifer Lewington


[At McMaster University] I participated on a panel that was moderated by Jennifer Lewington.  Following the panel, I received several compliments about the richness of that discussion, how it was the topic was fully covered, and how educational and enlightening the discussion had been.  I attribute much of this to the preparation and care that Jennifer took to deliver an excellent outcome.  She called all of the panelists beforehand to learn about their perspectives...Based on the understanding that she gained through these discussions, Jennifer developed a careful timeline for how the panel would flow and provided it to all four panelists...While the discussion was rich and wide ranging, we adhered exactly to that timeline...It was a terrific experience, where the audience of about 200 left richer and more learned through the experience, and the panelists were satisfied that they had their due. Besides, Jennifer has a good sense of humour; it helps and so she is endearing to the audience.

Ishwar Puri, dean of  Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University April, 2019



I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jennifer Lewington to plan a high profile panel discussion on the topic of digital credentials in higher education for McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering. I enlisted Jennifer's help to act as moderator for this marquee event. From the start, I was impressed with her professionalism and keen attention to detail. Along the way, we had several calls and email exchanges and thorough discussions on how to maximize value of the event. As a client, Jennifer always put my needs and the core purpose at the event at the heart of her planning. As well, I was extremely impressed with the diligence with which she prepared the panelists and ensured that they were comfortable with the process. During the panel discussion, she was animated, on point, on time and entertaining. In short, the crowd was entertained. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a moderator for similar panel events.

- Monique Beech, manager, public relations, Faculty of Engineering, McMaster University, April 2019



"Recently Jennifer Lewington volunteered her time and expertise to moderate a newcomer panel at our Vital Conversation about sense of belonging. As you can imagine, this is an emotional and sensitive topic for many because ‘belonging’ is a fundamental human need--and is essential to our sense of happiness and well-being. She carefully prepared for the day--setting up meetings with each panelist to help organize thoughts and answer questions. On the day of our community conversation, she navigated our panel through many questions that brought up tough issues around the challenges of fitting into a community, and of experiences of racism and prejudice. She did so with discretion and empathy."

-Tracy Van Kalsbeek Executive Director (former),Stratford Perth Community Foundation 2018



"I’ve worked with Jennifer for several years in my capacity as the assigning editor of The Globe and Mail’s business education coverage. It’s always comforting for an editor to collaborate with a self-starting writer who knows a beat inside-out, brings ideas to the table and can work without guidance. I can trust, without any concern or second thought, that Jennifer will find fresh stories that aren’t available any place else and deliver them on time, clean, with the utmost accuracy, and with a flair that makes them pleasurable to read. Business education is a niche interest and our readers tend to be extremely knowledgeable on the topic. They can sniff out weak or off-track stories. The feedback I’ve received over the years is that Jennifer’s stories consistently capture the news and nuances within the topic while remaining accessible to all readers."

-Jeff Brooke

Project Editor, Report on Business

Globe and Mail  


"It’s often said that writers’ bylines don’t register with readers. Jennifer Lewington’s name, however, stands out. For years, at The Globe and Mail and beyond, her byline has stood for integrity. Readers recognize and trust her reporting. Sources acknowledge her expertise and readily agree to be interviewed and included in her stories. Editors appreciate that she delivers clean, accurate copy on time. She’s a born storyteller who can make sense of the most difficult topics."

-Christine Mushka

Project Editor, Report on Business

Globe and Mail


“Jennifer is an excellent panel moderator and discussion facilitator. She is thoughtful and well-prepared, and is able to guide discussions extremely well, even with strong personalities on a panel. She is also an engaging speaker.”
-Saul Klein
Landsdowne Professor of International Business and Dean of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

University of Victoria