Jennifer Lewington’s writing spans an eclectic range of subjects. An intrepid reporter, she is not intimidated by arcane subject matter requiring specialized backgrounding and homework.


For the Globe and Mail, she writes on trends and issues at Canadian business schools, including their efforts to market themselves internationally.

Recently, she noted interest by top Canadian schools in Africa as an increasingly attractive source of top talent.

In Canada, she wrote about a major donation that aims aims to boost the national profile of an East Coast business school.



For Maclean's University Guide, she upended the trope that liberal arts students wind up as baristas. In truth, they are in high demand by tech sector companies.



For Renaissance Magazine, of the Retired Teachers of Ontario, she wrote about lively retirees pursuing new careers, by choice.


For Professionally Speaking, she profiled foreign-born, foreign-trained teachers who now contribute to Ontario classrooms.


Her thoroughness in interviewing multiple sources gives her stories depth and balance that editors prize and readers love.

Here are more of her recent stories:


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The Globe and Mail: Online columnist, bimonthly news roundup on business school education, online Report on Business; Property Report page, urban and real estate trends

Macleans Magazine: feature writer on education topics

Renaissance Magazine: feature writer on trends and profiles of retired teachers in Ontario 

Professionally Speaking Magazine (Ontario College of Teachers): feature writer on education trends

Novae Res Urbis (weekly newsletter on Toronto and area urban issues): guest editor, one month annually